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Find the Most Popular Cruise Ship Destinations – Take a Cruise Today

Taking a Cruise Vacation can be one of the best ways to spend a vacation. There are many people that may feel intimidated by getting on a cruise ship because they are so big and they may not feel safe. The truth is it is one of the best ways to get away and most cruises are all inclusive so you do not have to worry about food and entertainment. If you are considering a Cruise then it is always a good idea to know what are the popular destinations that you can cruise to.

Most cruises that you take have several port of calls or destinations that they stop for the day at. It is good when looking at a cruise that you know what places that it will be stopping because this can be a great way for you to see that city.

Some of the Top Cruises that you can take are, The Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, A European Cruise including the Mediterranean.

The Caribbean is one of the top destinations to go to because it has beautiful beaches, great weather and fantastic islands that have great shopping and interesting cuisine.

If you are short on time then the Mexican Riviera can be a great destination to find the Mexican Gold Coast and its beautiful sandy beaches and great shopping.

Remember that when you are searching for a cruise destination that you do a search online to find out which port of calls you may want to see. Also make sure that you enjoy all the entertainment that the cruise has to offer on board the ship.

Nin – European Destination of Excellence 2010

Nin is a small town situated on Adriatic coast, 14 km northwest of Zadar. It is the oldest existing city in Croatia and his name “Croatian Jerusalem” is due to its historic importance on national level. It was founded by the Liburnians in the 9th century B.C. It was their maritime and trade center. In Roman times Nin became an important municipium. The remains of the biggest ancient temple on the eastern side of the Adriatic date from 1st century.

Nin is the cradle of Croatian history. Nin is also the oldest Croatian royal town, center of the Croatian rulers: Dukes Viseslav, Trpimir and Branimir, Kings Tomislav, Petar Kresimir IV, Zvonimir and others. Nin was a diocese from the 9th-19th century. The Nin bishops were very important for the Croatian church. The most prominent was Grgur from Nin (Grgur Ninski). He fought for the preservation of the Croatian Glagolitic script. (The bronze statue of the famous bishop Grgur, the work of the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, awaits travelers coming to Nin and “fulfills” the wishes of those who touch his big toe.)

Nin has been archaeologically explored and it belongs to one of the richest archeological sites in Croatia. During the Turkish wars and after the selling of Dalmatia to the Venetians (1409), Nin came under Venetian rule. It was economically exploited and militarily abandoned. The town was destroyed several times and one of the worst destructions was in 1571.

Nin is the first Croatian royal town. For the first time in history the Croatian state was recognized in the year 879, and this was in Nin. In the year 879. Duke Branimir came to the throne. On Ascension Day of Christ in 879, Pope John VIII celebrated mass for the entire Croatian nation and sent his blessings to them, their state and ruler, which meant international acknowledgement of Croatia. At the time Nin was the center of the Croatian ruler and so Dukes and then Kings stayed in Nin. On July 21, 2007 a 4 meter high statue of Duke Branimir was placed in Nin next to the Lower Town Bridge. It was placed in the “Cradle of the Croatian State” in remembrance.

Nin offers so much to its visitors. A must to see are especially the Early Croatian church of the Holy Cross from the 9th century and St. Nicholas from the 11th century, remains of the biggest Roman temple on the Adriatic coast dating from the 1st century, the site of a Roman house with a mosaic from the 2nd century, Condura Croatia – early Croatian boat, Nin Museum of Antiquities, Church Art Exhibition called The Gold and Silver of Nin, Memorial Park Petar Zoranic from Nin, Nature Park – Nin Salt pans, a small church called the smallest cathedral in the world…

Nin has always been a town by the sea and living from the sea. The oldest economy activity is the salt pans where salt is acquired in the traditional way, through the influence of the sea and climate. One natural uniqueness of Nin is the biggest medicinal mud site in Croatia. This mud is used in treating women’s infertility, rheumatic diseases, spinal cord distortions, locomotor system problems and various skin diseases. The beach with medicinal mud is called Queen’s Beach, according to the legend of the first Croatian king (King Tomislav) and his wife.

Today Nin is a modern tourist and cultural destination visited by tourists from all around the world for its exceptionally preserved natural heritage and clean environment, rich cultural heritage and the most modern tourist village with apartments and a campsites adapted to the most demanding guests of today. It is a magical oasis of sandy beaches and the Nin lagoon abounds in favorable winds ideal for surfing.

Due to its untouched beauty, natural and cultural heritage, tradition, accommodation and souvenir offers…Nin is European Destination of Excellence for 2010. The world has recognized its value. Now you should come and see by yourself.