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Snooze ‘n Ski – How to Plan a Ski Trip That Combines Rest and Action

If you have a busy lifestyle, then you probably need to rest when you take a vacation. But if you’re a skier, then your ski trips will be filled with action during the day. So, how do you balance, so that your vacation includes fun and down-time?

The secret is in the planning. Most importantly, you need to plan your lodging based on amenities that encourage peace.


As you plan your accommodations, consider the amenities that you can access. They should allow you to rest whenever you are off the slopes. For example, can a local massage therapist give you a massage in your suite?

Here are some amenities that they should have on-site where you stay:

* Hot tubs (Jacuzzis) in-room or short walking distance

* Steam rooms or saunas

* Variety of pillows

* Purchase of wine, beer or liquor (if you drink)

* Nice restaurant (healthy eating is more rejuvenating than fast food)

* Massage therapists (on-site or on-call )

If your vacation is just a short getaway, those amenities should suffice. If you are planning a trip for more than five days, then you should also consider if these amenities are nearby:

1) a spa;
2) natural hot springs; and
3) less physically-demanding activities for your off-slope days, like snowshoe hikes or nature walks.

Convenience is another important feature of a snooze-and-ski trip. If you want to spend every off-slope minute relaxing and enjoying yourself, then plan your trip based on maximum convenience. Arrange a valet service to deliver your ski rentals to you. Stay at a destination resort or at a full-service lodge in the woods.

Plan your ski travel surrounded by peaceful amenities and services, and you will go back home feeling refreshed!