Camping Toilets

One of the more… unpleasant things about going camping is the bathroom situation. If you’re camping at a state or national park, there will often be at least rudimentary facilities available, but who knows where they’ll be located or how clean they’ll be? And if you are going camping in the deep woods, often the closet thing to a bathroom is a tall tree or fallen log. It’s not hard to see how this can lead to some uncomfortable situations.

One solution to this issue is to bring along a camping toilet on your trips. There are several different types of toilets that would be suitable for camping and there is sure to be one that will work well for your situation. If you’re planning on going backpacking, and will be hiking in a significant distance to your campsite, then a simple and lightweight folding camping toilet will probably be best for you. These sorts of toilets use a bag that attaches on the bottom to catch and hold waste. Odor control will most likely be an issue, so plan on stationing it away from your camp.

If you are going car or RV camping, then you might be interested in a bigger model with more features. There are camping toilets that are actually flushable and others that use chemicals to contain the waste. These types of toilets are much larger and heavier than the folding toilets, so they’re not appropriate for backpacking, but they are great for car camping.