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Visit India: The Land Of Cultures, Traditions, Diversity And Beauty

India is one of the most sought after vacation destinations across the globe. It is known for its rich traditions and customs. India is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic country. India is famous for unity in diversity. People belonging to different religions and culture live with harmony in India. Various religions and cultures have intertwined to give India a unique identity. India has a great history in which many famous dynasties have ruled over the lands and played a significant role in shaping their identity. Many foreign dynasties came to India and immersed themselves in Indian culture while also giving the home culture a new dimension.

A Mogul emperor once famously said that if there is heaven on earth then it is at Kashmir. Kashmir is the land of supreme natural beauty. Srinagar is the summer capital of state and is famous as The City of Lakes. Nishat Garden, Moghal Garden, Shankrachayray Temle and Hazartbal Shrine are few of the famous sightseeing spots in Srinagar. Houseboats, locally known as Shikaras are popular among tourists for accommodation. Phalgam is a beautiful tourist spot where one can enjoy horse riding and trekking. Gulmarg is famous for its scenic beauty. One can enjoy skiing, mountain climbing, trekking and other sports here. Sonmarg is another famous place in Kashmir where one can enjoy adventure sports and horse ride.

Delhi the capital city of India is a mix of tradition and modernity. It has many historical monuments like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Tughlaqabad Fort, Qutub Minar etc. Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple, India Gate is other famous tourist spots. Old Delhi is famous for its eateries. One can gorge on lip smacking dishes here. Most famous in Old Delhi is the Mughlai Cuisine. One can also find restaurants serving international l cuisines like Italian, Moroccan, and Chinese etc. Delhi is a cosmopolitan city where one can find churches, temples, mosques and Gurudwaras. Famous churches of Delhi are Cathedral Church, Sacred Heart Church and James Church.

Kerala is situated in South of India. It is also called as God’s Own Country due to its serene natural beauty. Kerala is a popular tourist destination in India. It is famous for its backwaters where one can stay in Kettuvallam and enjoy the peaceful greenery around. Kerala has a rich flora and fauna. There are many famous beaches in Kerala like Kovalam Beach, Varakala Beach etc. Kerala has many monuments, temples and palaces which reflects its rich cultural heritage. Ayurvedic Spa in Kerala attracts many foreign tourists. Ayurvedic Spa is known for its soothing and calm effects on body. Kerala is well known for the classical dance form Kathakali. One can enjoy dance and music shows in Kerala.

Tours to India is a life time experience which no traveler can think of missing. There is nothing which you can think and is not here in India. From mountains, to deserts to beaches India has every possible tourist destination. One can plan the Trip to India all around the year. You just need to pack your bags and travel down to India foe experiencing this majestic and beautiful country.

4 Ways To Impress A Peruvian In A Cultural Conversation

With the recent award of a Nobel Prize to Mario Vargas Llosa, a Peruvian writer, the arts and culture of Peru are now getting more attention than ever. If you are going for a vacation in Peru, there’s never been a better time to impress the locals with your knowledge of Peru’s modern culture, so here are 4 of Peru’s more well-known photographers, writers and painters to get the conversation flowing.

The celebrity portrait photographer
A famous Peruvian fashion photographer is Mario Testino, who was born in 1954. Testino has done a great variety of photography including fashion narratives for Vogue, Gucci and Vanity Fair as well as celebrity shots of such people as Diana Princess of Wales along with her sons; actresses including Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Platrow; models such as Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Moss and performers including Madonna, Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson. Since 1982, Testino has been living in London and frequently photographs the British Royal Family in addition to his work being exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London as well as in many galleries and museums around the world. Most recently his work is being shown in London at the Phillips de Pury & Co auction house.

The indigenous photographer
Considered the only major indigenous Latin America photographer of his time, Martín Chambi Jiménez lived from 1891 until 1973. His photographs were prolific and covered the towns and countryside of the Peruvian Andes revealing their social complexity and giving his photographs profound historic and ethnic documentary value. He photographed almost anything from weddings and fiestas to the poverty of the poor along with the public events shared by both. He was a major portrait photographer in Cusco as well as a photographer of many Peruvian landscapes which he sold primarily as postcards, a format he pioneered in Peru. The New York Museum of Modern Art held a retrospective of his work in 1979 and it later traveled to other locations around the world and inspired more international exhibitions of his work.

The Nobel Prize winning author
Born in 1936, Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa, recent winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, is a Peruvian writer, journalist, essayist and politician. He is one of the leading authors of his generation and one of Latin America’s most significant novelists and essayists. He gained international recognition as a writer in the 1960s with his novels such as “The Time of the Hero”, “The Green House” and “Conversation in the Cathedral”. He not only writes novels but across other literary genres such as journalism and literary criticism. Themes for his novels include comedies, murder mysteries, political thriller and historical novels. Several of his novels have also been made into feature films.

The painter famous for “pin-up” ladies
Famous for his paintings of pin-up girls is Alberto Vargas who lived from 1896 until 1982. He was born in Arequipa, Peru but moved to the United States in 1916, after studying art in Europe before the First World War. Early in his career he worked as an artist for the Ziegfeld Follies as well as many Hollywood studios. His fame as an artist of pin-up girls came during the Second World War when his pictures for Esquire magazine became known as the “Varga Girls”. Many World War II aircraft adapted their nose art from those Esquire pin-ups. The “Varga Girls” reappeared in Playboy magazine in the 1960s, leading to a flourishing career with major exhibitions all over the world. Vargas painted mostly with watercolor and airbrush and is considered as one of the finest artists in his genre.

You’re ready! Get out there and let your Peruvian hosts know about your appreciation for their culture. Mario Vargas Llosa’s Nobel Prize has created a huge amount of national pride, and your knowledge is bound to make you a few foreign friends.