The Risks and Rewards of a Travel Nurse

There is a shortage of nurses internationally, especially in America. Due to higher standards of living in developed countries, many people live longer and expect treatment for diseases. This expectation of aid makes the demand for nurses much higher than it has been in the past.


A travel nurse is hired to work at a health care facility for a temporary amount of time, like most nursing professions. However, an intrinsic aspect of this profession is that it involves one taking temporary jobs across the United States.

A travel nurse must uproot themselves, pack up all of their belongings, fill out copious amounts of paperwork, and then leave behind wherever they have come to call home.


An important part of being a travel nurse is the amount of paperwork involved. One must have the appropriate licenses, medical care specializations, and quality of health. Usually, once the paperwork for those issues has been resolved, they will not have to be filled out for a quite some time. Often, nursing agencies will accept others’ paperwork for a certified nurse who travels.

Why would anyone choose this lifestyle?

They do it for the adventure, money, and perks. Some people would like to travel before they die. They want to visit other states and observe the culture there. These people have an urge to experience new climates and environments.


For them, there is a need to satisfy their desire for adventure. Becoming a travel nurse satiates this hunger. They travel from location to location and can see the sights when they are not saving lives.


Travel nurses also tend to receive higher pay levels than regular nurse practitioners. Oftentimes, nursing agencies will help out travel nurses with supplying rented vehicles, covering travel fees, renting housing, and providing health insurance. Some of these deals can be really sweet with a lot of nice benefits.


However, they should always try to quantify the perks in their cash value. All of the perks are paid for but are usually deducted from the money that the nurse would have been given. The free items are not free, so much as taken from the nurse preemptive.

On the flip side, those perks could come from a great deal of money that the nursing agency has access to. Thus, the prospective travel nurse must carefully observe the offers being given, especially when they will influence months of his or her life.

A perk the travel nurse should be wary of is tax-free housing. This is basically a home base that the nurse returns to between jobs. There are some very difficult ways of making it work so if the nurse practitioner is offered tax-free housing, they should study the subject and obtain tax consultation.

Being a travel nurse is undoubtedly a challenging occupation. One has to be a specialist who can be called away to various locations across the United States in order to help others. This is a difficult lifestyle but also a rewarding one. A nurse’s skills of healing are held in such high regard all that hospitals across the country want them.