Hotels in Jhansi

Jhansi city is located at the north of India. It is a chief road and rail rolled in one and has a rich culture and history. In 2001, it became the 77th most populous cities of the country. Today, the city is the center in terms of medical care in the Bundelkhand region. Patients are served in the district hospital equipped with modern facilities. There are also many private hospitals. The city also houses the 2 important research centers specializing in the fields of agro forestry.

Some of the local area attractions in Jhansi are the Jhansi Fort, Rani Mahal, UP Government Museum, Maha Lakshmi Temple, Panchkuian Temple, Ganesh Mandir, Siddheshwar Temple, Panchtantra Park, Public Park, Sadar Bazaar/Manik Chowk, Cathedral of St. Anthony, Lord Buddha Temple, and Dharamshala.

It is also worth your time to visit the Sarafa Bazaar, Rani Laxmi Park, Nehru Park, Sukma-Dukma Dam, Mata Tila Dam, Mahavir Swami Wildlife Sanctuary, and Barua Sagar.

In addition, Jhansi city holds their annual festival in the months of February or March. They celebrate a display of arts and crafts as well as their culture of the place. Numerous hotels are seen in the Jhansi to accommodate tourists and local guests alike.

Here are some hotel recommendations to make your Jhansi experience an event to remember:

Hotel Sita
Hotel Sita is a three star hotel having 29 guest rooms, including 13 double rooms, 15 deluxe rooms and 1 suite. It is located several kilometers away from the airport and 1 kilometer from the railway station. It is also near the business center.

They have standard facilities of a banquet hall, on site restaurant, bar, refrigerator, safe in room, ironing board, and counter for foreign exchange.

Hotel Shrinath
This budget hotel is located in Civil Lines, Jhansi in India. It is ideal for people traveling on business in the city searching for a comfortable place to stay but not spending too much money. In addition, Hotel Shrinath is in excellent location and providing good values as well.

They have 20 guest rooms and each is provided with the basic amenities. They also feature room service.

Hotel Tulsi
Hotel Tulsi in Jhansi has 27 guest rooms that feature comfort and relaxing ambience for their guests. People traveling on business find Hotel Tulsi a great place to rest and to unwind with its elegantly-furnished guest rooms. They provide amenities and services such as restaurant, room service, and Internet access. It is located near Chitra Crossing, BKD Road in India.

Hotel Yatrik
Hotel Yatrik is located in Allahabad Bank Road in Civil Lines. This hotel is very ideal for people traveling on business and leisure because it features great amenities and facilities. Guests will surely find this place a haven amidst of the busy day outside. Staying can be a memorable one in Hotel Yatrik.

Hotel Yatrik is a three storey building with 30 guest rooms. They accept AmEx, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards.

Among the hotel’s amenities and services are restaurant that serve delicious dishes, room service, and pool where guests can take a dip while relaxing. Rooms are provided with air conditioning system.

Jhansi Hotel
Jhansi Hotel is located at the heart of the city in Abbott Road and nearby to city junction and bus stand. It has 24 guest rooms and accepts Amex, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards. Hotel’s amenities and services include restaurant, bar, room service, and Internet access. Rooms have high ceiling and verandas, with a touch of the old days of the British and the Raj. Jhansi hotel features excellent services.

The New Food Pyramid That Promotes Weight Loss

I’d been listening to NPR the other morning going to the office and happened to catch a story about how the USDA has revamped the food pyramid. You no doubt know which one I am talking about, grains at the base, and then the fruits and vegetables, meat as well as dairies after which a little place on the tip for oils, fats and sweets. No first grade course could have been complete with out a detailed course on the classic food pyramid.

Well, the USDA has opted to not only give the food pyramid an entirely new look, but change the approach we take to consider our meals. The new My Plate has taken the pyramid we all know and cherish and altered it into a plate.

The plate includes four food groups instead of the six that we grew up with. Veggies and whole grains form almost all of the recommended nutritional daily allowance along with fresh fruits and healthy proteins filling in the gaps. Dairy is actually suggested as a glass of milk and it has been placed off to the side, possibly suggesting that milk products need to be used more sparingly than anything else.

Combined with the fresh look are some new recommendations, which I happen to think are not merely great tips to teach our children, but also for weight loss in general. There’s been a lot of debate about the new look of our classic food pyramid, with some individuals implying that that the new My Plate fails to get results. Even so, It’s my opinion that the new My Plate together with the nutritional tips made by the USDA actually compare quite well. Let us take a glance. Among the recommendations, balancing caloric intake by eating smaller amounts and making the effort to enjoy your food.

Balance Your Calories

One of several suggestions is to balance calories by eating smaller portions and making the effort to relish your meal. This is an exceptional idea and has been shown that enjoying small meals a day rather than 1-2 massive meals will help you drop a few pounds. Taking in smaller servings of foods are something Europeans are familiar with engaging in, the fact is, it had been something many Americans used to be familiar with at one time as well. Taking in a smaller amount and more frequently is easy enough to achieve. I’m sure the actual doubt here is whether restaurants will follow suit by providing scaled-down, more realistic helpings?

Increase Healthy Food

My Plate suggests increasing your intake of healthy food by basing at least half of the food we eat on a regular basis around fruits and vegetables. Even though quite a few people harped about the plate not being specific enough, the USDA site does include recommendations concerning how to accomplish this. They highly recommend fresh and steamed produce over frozen and fresh fruit over canned.

An additional recommendation is to add to the number of whole grains that you consume to at least one 1 / 2 of your day-to-day intake. While this is a fantastic suggestion, I think eating 100% of one’s daily grain consumption as whole grains will likely be significantly better and bring about enhanced weight reduction and wellbeing.

Reduce Sugar and Salt

Seems to be a no brainer, but it’s quite simple to unknowingly take in foods that have a very high sugar or sodium content with out even realizing it. One of the suggestions which the new My Plate sets is to create a practice of reading food labels to determine the amount of salt that they contain. Keep in mind when reading labels that the USDA recommends less than 2,300mg per day.

One more tip is to drink water instead of sugary beverages which is a really easy technique to decrease your daily sugar intake. Research shows that men and women usually tend to gain the most weight by what they drink, not what they eat. The majority of us don’t actually consider the quantity of sugar we place into our systems when consuming a can of soda pop or perhaps juice.

The Wrap Up

Although the new My Plate is very different from the food pyramid most people have come to know and love, it presents America another way of examining food in addition to portion size. Change can be difficult, especially when that change happens to something we have been so accustomed to. Nonetheless, many times, change is smart.

Find the Most Popular Cruise Ship Destinations – Take a Cruise Today

Taking a Cruise Vacation can be one of the best ways to spend a vacation. There are many people that may feel intimidated by getting on a cruise ship because they are so big and they may not feel safe. The truth is it is one of the best ways to get away and most cruises are all inclusive so you do not have to worry about food and entertainment. If you are considering a Cruise then it is always a good idea to know what are the popular destinations that you can cruise to.

Most cruises that you take have several port of calls or destinations that they stop for the day at. It is good when looking at a cruise that you know what places that it will be stopping because this can be a great way for you to see that city.

Some of the Top Cruises that you can take are, The Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, A European Cruise including the Mediterranean.

The Caribbean is one of the top destinations to go to because it has beautiful beaches, great weather and fantastic islands that have great shopping and interesting cuisine.

If you are short on time then the Mexican Riviera can be a great destination to find the Mexican Gold Coast and its beautiful sandy beaches and great shopping.

Remember that when you are searching for a cruise destination that you do a search online to find out which port of calls you may want to see. Also make sure that you enjoy all the entertainment that the cruise has to offer on board the ship.

Visit India: The Land Of Cultures, Traditions, Diversity And Beauty

India is one of the most sought after vacation destinations across the globe. It is known for its rich traditions and customs. India is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic country. India is famous for unity in diversity. People belonging to different religions and culture live with harmony in India. Various religions and cultures have intertwined to give India a unique identity. India has a great history in which many famous dynasties have ruled over the lands and played a significant role in shaping their identity. Many foreign dynasties came to India and immersed themselves in Indian culture while also giving the home culture a new dimension.

A Mogul emperor once famously said that if there is heaven on earth then it is at Kashmir. Kashmir is the land of supreme natural beauty. Srinagar is the summer capital of state and is famous as The City of Lakes. Nishat Garden, Moghal Garden, Shankrachayray Temle and Hazartbal Shrine are few of the famous sightseeing spots in Srinagar. Houseboats, locally known as Shikaras are popular among tourists for accommodation. Phalgam is a beautiful tourist spot where one can enjoy horse riding and trekking. Gulmarg is famous for its scenic beauty. One can enjoy skiing, mountain climbing, trekking and other sports here. Sonmarg is another famous place in Kashmir where one can enjoy adventure sports and horse ride.

Delhi the capital city of India is a mix of tradition and modernity. It has many historical monuments like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Tughlaqabad Fort, Qutub Minar etc. Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple, India Gate is other famous tourist spots. Old Delhi is famous for its eateries. One can gorge on lip smacking dishes here. Most famous in Old Delhi is the Mughlai Cuisine. One can also find restaurants serving international l cuisines like Italian, Moroccan, and Chinese etc. Delhi is a cosmopolitan city where one can find churches, temples, mosques and Gurudwaras. Famous churches of Delhi are Cathedral Church, Sacred Heart Church and James Church.

Kerala is situated in South of India. It is also called as God’s Own Country due to its serene natural beauty. Kerala is a popular tourist destination in India. It is famous for its backwaters where one can stay in Kettuvallam and enjoy the peaceful greenery around. Kerala has a rich flora and fauna. There are many famous beaches in Kerala like Kovalam Beach, Varakala Beach etc. Kerala has many monuments, temples and palaces which reflects its rich cultural heritage. Ayurvedic Spa in Kerala attracts many foreign tourists. Ayurvedic Spa is known for its soothing and calm effects on body. Kerala is well known for the classical dance form Kathakali. One can enjoy dance and music shows in Kerala.

Tours to India is a life time experience which no traveler can think of missing. There is nothing which you can think and is not here in India. From mountains, to deserts to beaches India has every possible tourist destination. One can plan the Trip to India all around the year. You just need to pack your bags and travel down to India foe experiencing this majestic and beautiful country.